Dear APCIS users,

Please, be informed that indication of overriding priority was implemented in the APCIS test site. It is available for testing by the link: Indication of overriding priority is shown on the ship data page of each high-risk vessel having outstanding deficiencies with action taken codes 30, 46, 17, 16, 15. Outstanding deficiencies with action taken codes 99, 49, 48, 18 were excluded from the scope.

Please be advised that the remote follow-up inspection function was implemented in the APCIS production on 1 January 2020 for remote follow-up trial operation agreed by the Committee.

According to the decision of the Committee the APCIS developed and implemented to the APCIS production site the following amendments based on user proposals collected during the APCIS review survey:

1) Display of comments entered in the field “Specify if other” after the deficiency codes 46, 48, and 99 in the table of outstanding deficiencies of the “Ship data” page.

2) Possibility of using low case (small letters) in the field “Remarks” of the deficiencies.

3) Inclusion of the field “Inspection Comments” into the printable inspection report Form A.

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