Dear APCIS users,

Please, be advised that the function “Due date” for selection of deficiency rectification due date while entering deficiencies with action taken codes “46”, “48”, “49”, “99” is implemented into the APCIS production site (for online users and for web service users). According to DVR 74.1 the field “Due date” is obligatory in the APCIS.

The concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on Stability in General will be conducted from 1 September to 30 November 2021.

For completing the CIC questionnaire in the APCIS system open the “Ship data” page, find the relevant inspection record, and click the corresponding symbol “+” displayed in the “CIC” column of the table with Inspections records.

Please be informed that the APCIS-Replication site will undergo scheduled weekly update in accordance with the APCIS-Production site every Wednesday. The PSC inspection data submitted to the APCIS-Replication site during tests/training will be deleted during the update. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. For any enquiries, please contact our Support Desk at

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The report breaks 5 days validation rules
APCIS accepts reports with the date of inspection earlier than 5 days ago.