Guidelines on CIC report submission / searching in APCIS

CIC report form is integrated into the inspection reporting tool. It is available for submission via a list of inspections displayed on the Ship Data page.

CIC Report Submission


Please, follow the below steps to submit a CIC report to the APCIS system:

a.      Fill in and submit an initial inspection report according to the standard procedure for inspection report submission.

b.     Click the tab Ships to enter the Ship search page;

c.      Find the relevant ship by IMO No., call sign, or ship name;

d.     Open the Ship data page by clicking on the relevant ship record displayed in search results;

e.      Find the Inspections section displaying a table with Inspections records on the Ship data page;

f.       Find the last column called CIC in the table with Inspections records;

g.     To open the CIC report form, click the symbol + displayed in the CIC column corresponding to the saved inspection report conducted during the CIC period;

h.     Fill in the form of CIC report in accordance with Guidelines for PSCOs on the CIC and Data Validation Rules;

i.       Click the Add button to submit the CIC report.


CIC Report Search

This function allows to find the required CIC report by date range, authority, ship or flag.

Please, follow the below steps to search for a CIC report in the APCIS system:

a.      Click on CIC tab to enter the CIC search section;

b.     Indicate the necessary search parameters from the options provided using calendars, applicable drop-down lists, and other search parameters;

c.      Press Search button;

d.     Open the required CIC report by clicking on the relevant CIC report record displayed in search results.